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04-10-2012, 07:38 PM
There were a lot of them in the Dominion War, and judging from registry numbers, it looks like the Excelsior and Miranda were in full scale production. There was an Excelsior or two in the fleet meeting the Borg sphere at the end of Voyager, too.

Though that brings me to something I've always wondered: There were a huge number of TMP-era ships in Starfleet in the TNG/DS9 timeframe, which I can believe since tech manuals say ships are built to last upwards of a century or two with refits and upgrades. But there's a big hole in the ships seen on screen. TMP-era ships are the bulk of the fleet, and TNG-era ones (Galaxy, Nebula, Akira, etc) are the backbone, but the things in between, like the Ambassador, Cheyenne, Constellation, and so forth, are almost entirely absent. Most of the canon ship classes from that lost era of ship design don't even exist except as Wolf 359 wreckage. There should still have been a substantial number of them in service in that timeframe, if not also in production as the older ships were.