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04-10-2012, 08:33 PM
Not a bad idea but the pre-WWI/WWII and during WWI/WWII was already done before throughout several Star Trek entities.

Instead of going back and doing an era that has already been done why not branch the general concept out and do it in the WW3 era which has never been seen before (at least not that I can remember). The mercenary costume pack along with some of the other non-canon uniforms that already exist could be easily modified with small variances cutting down on several new assets having to be created, giving more time for the rest of the assets to be created. Also placing it in a more modern but still distant past would allow more in-game assets to be simply re-purposed/re-skinned and still fit in better than trying to do that in the 20's-30's era.

Also because WW3 wasn't really even put into any great details it would allow the devs a huge amount of creative freedom allowing for a much more unique storyline.

Possible story arc:

The timeline has been severely corrupted by some unknown forces (Perfect chance for Iconians using modified gateway technology) causing the war to become much more violent and longer lasting then orignially preventing the Phoenix project and first contact. Mission start could be going to the Gamma Quadrant and upon successful mission completion there you are ordered back to ESD (or even better UPS for retrofit/refitt) and upon arriving finding everything is off, only to continue to Earth to find out while you were in the wormhole everything changed. DS9 would still be on the map but disabled as a location so no noticeable change there, forced transwarp to UPS then warp straight from UPS TO ESD so again no chance of seeing the other ships in sector space.