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04-10-2012, 09:34 PM
the cheyenne with its super low quality model is a cool concept, but turned out tiny and ugly. regardless, the in game cheyenne turned out to be one of the best looking of the original, mostly poor, in game models when a bit of creative license was taken with it.

i'd like to see an overhaul of the tier 3 cruisers, starting with the cheyenne. it would be built as the original model was built, with its saucer consisting of 2 under slung portion of a galaxy class saucer stacked on top of each other, with 3 quarters of a galaxy neck attached to each. the more aft quarter of it containing shuttle bays and impulse engines wouldn't be there.

this would result in the cheyenne being quite a bit bigger, good, the whole tier 3 cruiser line was smaller then the tier 3 escorts. keep the details the current model has like the deflector, intrepid style sensor arrays, shuttle bay hatches etc... each of the 4 nacelles should be about as long as a galaxy's, only half as wide and square. the result would be the ship haveing the same total amount of nacelle as a galaxy, on a much smaller ship. this would result in a ship with about 3/4 the galaxy's firepower, half its size, with about the same warp capability or better, a dangerous heavy cruiser to be sure.

the dakota should be done up the same as above, only using the venture components.

the stargazer is basically a fine shape, but lacks detail. clean it up and 2409 its look a bit and it would be good. then make a tier 5 version, preferably replacing the excelsior refit