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04-10-2012, 10:10 PM
If you fully spec into one damage type, then when you come up against someone who's fully specced to counter it why shouldn't they be more immune to the point of cancellation?

Just means they're not not as strong in other areas as they've skilled/specced up just to counter that one thing. Just like you aren't strong in other areas as you have a narrow set of primary attack options.

In my opinion, if you spec into just one thing specifically (draining shields) and another specs to resist it why shouldn't they be able to (perhaps equally) resist your attacks?

Granted I don't PvP, but why not spec instead into particle, graviton, sensors or photonic skills/abilities? You can't tell me they all do nothing.

Just sounds like all you sci people want an "I win" skill/strat. I would've thought being versatile is one of sci's better traits.

/oh boy, puts on flak jacket