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04-10-2012, 10:51 PM
Yeah I've been tanking in STF for a while. Pretty much all I do these days

I can solo cubes in elite STFs some what easily in Odys and Marauder. If you cruiser just keeps moving your fine. In my Bortasqu with DHC's I have to face em, so just hit reverse which give about +10% defense instead of -3% or whatever for just sitting there. Only thing to worry about is that they can fly towards you faster than you can reverse hehe. But you can use abilities to buff/debuff that issue.

Donata I can tank, from energy weapons to full torp spread and survive. Sure you gotta run away from her scatter beam thing, but if I have the Barrier Field Generator slotted I can just deploy that in front of her and save everyone from being vaporized.
Seriously, sitting in here face as it lets rip and your still there shooting her in the face is a great feeling

Tac cube is tougher imo to tank by yourself, mainly due to the fact they don't run away like Donata. Can do it for a while but unless aggro changes you'll need to get out of range occasionally to let abilities cool down.