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04-10-2012, 11:06 PM
My favourite 'tanking' style is to attract aggro then do some sort of S turn before the target at a decent range, to alternatively unmask fore and rear torpedo tubes.

This zigzagging historically does complicate firing solutions and in Star Trek lore, 'sweeping through phaser arcs' to alternatively unmask different armaments whist spreading damage across multiple shield facings is a desirable tactic.

So it does make sense that an actively maneuvering vessel would take less damage that one that sits under a cube and buffs itself in the hope it doesn't explode. That's the reason also why I felt that the cruiser build with injector assembly felt much more effective and took less damage than the other one with max armour, because the + engine power meant bonus defence.

But... in the current gameplay implementation it's quite easy to build a ship that can survive cube attacks while sitting stationary. For Normal STF that is.

If maneuvering or at least keeping the ship moving is free defence, then I see no reason why everyone shouldn't take advantage of it. After all, there is no practical sense to sit still and wait for plasma torpedoes to hit.