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04-10-2012, 11:49 PM
Originally Posted by athenaX
ooh, you sir are correct. Fixed ^__^

I will look into the conn officers for a reduced cooldown, though the primary reason I carry too is for the damage buff...

My build is a little bit low on survivability, but on the other hand it pulls out a LOT of dps. I most escorts I see in STFs can't pull agro from me, and all i have for building thread is dps.
You will still have the damage buff, 2 Purple (or more usable, 2 Blue) will bring the cooldown down by 12 seconds giving you your one copy a CD on 18secs (15 for global crew), with 1 Purple and 1 Blue with the 5% MACO 2pc set bonus, the cooldown is 15secs.