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04-10-2012, 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by homotrollicus
Hmm, the only difference I noticed is that MACO engines are a bit slower in sector space (18.39 vs 20.39 for my cruiser).

+8.8 Starship Driver Coil
+14 Flight Speed
+11 Flight Turn Rate
Thrusters: 25% speed when engines are disabled
While in Sector Space Flight Speed set to Warp 12

+5 Engine Power Setting
+12 Flight Speed
+11 Flight Turn Rate
While in Sector Space Flight Speed set to warp 14.

Well. Tough decision Although if the deflector is really that much better, I may try it as you recommended.

"Sorry, I should have been clearer,"
Well, sorry, me too. I don't have the MACO deflector yet. I was so sure you knew
Ignor the engine stats, I cant look up the MACO Deflector as my work proxy is now blokcing the site, GRR, but from memory its:

16 Shield Emitters (improves healing)
24 Structual Integrity Field (inproves hull strenght)
16 Shield Systems (improves shield capacity)
8.8 Electro Plasma Systems (improves EPtX)
x Inertial Dampers (Improves knock resistance)
x Graviton Generators (Improves holds)