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04-11-2012, 02:11 AM
Originally Posted by deathray38
Hi, I am new player and I am looking for improvements for my Adv. Escort. I am looking for build strong for both PvP and STF. Build is based on Tetryon Glider [actually each shoot do additional 61 damage to all shields]. My character is Tactical Officer.

Tetryon dual cannon mk XII [purple BORG]
Tetryon dual cannon mk XII [purple BORG]
Tetryon dual beam array mk XII [purple BORG]
Photon Torpedo Luncher mk XII [purple BORG]

Tetryon Turret mk XII [purple BORG]
Tetryon Turret mk XII [purple BORG]
Tetryon Turret mk XII [purple BORG]

Engines OMEGA XI
Deflector OMEGA XI
Shield BORG

Tactical consoles:
3x Tetryon (+26%)
1x Borg Assimilated Module

Science Consoles:
1x Field (something) [+18% max shield capacity]
2x Flow capacitors [+26 each, needed for tetryon glider]

Eng. Consoles:
2x +3.5 Weapons power settings

Bridge Officers Skills:

Attack Pattern Omega III [excellent against tractor beams, both in STF and PvP)
Beam Overload III [for alpha strikes]
Cannon: Scatter Volley I [bind to space button]
Tactical Team I

Attack Pattern Omega I
Cannon: Scatter Volley I [bind to space button]
Tactical Team I

Emergency Power to shields II
Emergency power to shields I

Hazard Emitters II
Transfer Shield Strength I

Transfer Shield Strength I

General combat Power Settings:
Weapons 75 [115 with all bonuses]
Shields 75 [~90 with all bonuses]
Engines 25 [48% with all bonuses]
Aux 25 [48% with all bonuses]

My main problem are classic escorts [3x Dual Heavies builds - I am not using dual heavies because of Tetryon glider], cruisers, and science are usually very weak opponents [even if they somehow tank me, they still need support to kill me] but FE/Retrofit Defiants are really difficult to kill [main problem - very strong Alpha strikes]. STFs are actually relatively easy, I am able to tank and kill regular cube in 1vs1 and I don't expect more. THX for any help.
Consoles are 'wrong' change to below.

4x Tetryon

1x Field Generator
2x Flow Cap

1x Neutronium
1x Assimilated


Take Omege Shield and Engines, take Borg Deflector


HE1 / TSS1 and ST2 - take 2 Dev Lab Scientist Doffs for ST cooldown

As you have CSV bound to spacebar, also bind in EPtS as well. However as you are binding CSV, I would recoment switch them to CRF instead.

Remove 1TT, and take BO1 instead. Up Cannon skills to rank 2, and take 2x HYT2 as well, this will slightly lower your AE dmg in STFs, but increase by a factor of like 5 your single target, it will also increase alpha dmg in pvp

Switch Photon to Qunatum

Get weapon power to 125, dump rest in shields and run Eng and Aux at 25