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04-11-2012, 02:43 AM
I am a PUG supporter and an avid mentor for those new to STFs but that being said I could share one or two 'interesting' experiences as well.

There was once in Cure where I played Kang Guardian because the rest of the team flew off happily to attack the first shipyard and cube.

My flak cruiser made mincemeat out of assimilated BoPs and raptors while the 4 of them did their thing. Or, I thought they did. They looked quite coordinated and were flying in tight formation, so it was a premade team with voice comms.

Halfway through destroying the ping pong balls below the cube, the other ships decided to 'help' defend the Kang even though it was under no danger at all, being covered by a satellite turret and full time Extend Shields III from me.

Suddenly, the roles reverse as the entire team inexplicably abandoned their attack on the shipyard to 'help' me protect the Kang for whatever unknown reason.

I soloed the first two shipyards blowing up the half-damaged first cube and steadily demolishing the middle shipyard when I noticed the four ships guarding the Kang were facing severe problems.

Instead of using "CEC" style coordination to focus fire, each individual ship in the group engaged a single Raptor and that created one heck of a huge drawn out battle without actually destroying anything. In fact, the Raptors were having an easy time blowing them up!

As I detonated the second Cube and a pair of Raptors with my cannons I noticed none of the other 4 ships bothered to heal the Kang from stray enemy fire, thereby failing the optional.

I also had to mop up all the Raptors and the Negh'Vars now closing in on the Kang, and managed to repair the Kang just in time before it blew up. I wonder what the other four were actually doing, and what weapons they had on board ship. They were producing so little DPS I suspect they were using standard Mark 8s.

For the third shipyard the rest of the team FINALLY knew to stick close to me so I can extend shields and engineering team, and they properly focused fire on individual targets I designated in turn, rapidly destroying the last cube.

While the team showed poor performance by virtue of some sort of attention-span issue during the first cube assault, they did mesh well together and finally did know how to synchronize fire on individual targets to destroy them rapidly, so I wasn't ****ed at all but wished them the best on their next STF run.

They preferred experiential learning, after all.