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04-11-2012, 07:21 AM
I really enjoyed reading through your idea. I do like it! However, I do not want to see it happen in game as there are already so very many ways to increase your power levels, DPS, Resistances and etc.

Some such ways this is done already in the game:
-Skill Tree
-Console Upgrades
-Ship Class type
-Special consoles
- Bridge Officer Abilities
-Devices (Consumable and reusable)
-Special Gear
-Ship equipment

To add any more ways to increase your DPS or power levels would be ill advised at this point because, my last calculations had it where you could achieve 700% bonus to base damage on energy weapons. It is somewhat absurd and only the very, very best players can deal with getting hit by attacks like that.

My advice is if it were to be a permanent bonus, to go no higher than 2%, just like the Accolades give. At least that is hardly noticeable when compounded by all the other means to increase your power levels and DPS output.