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04-11-2012, 06:34 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
Cygone pretty much nailed it.

I like to have CRF and CSV so I can cover most options.

And I found 2xDHC and a DC to give me much better Damage than 3 DC. Now you say you want the procs, but in general I find the Procs deplete the shield facings I'm not shooting at rather than the one I am which caves pretty damn fast.

That being said I run, 1 Torp, 1 DC, 2 DHC. 3 Turrets aft.

I'm currently experimenting with a 1 DBB, 1 DC, 2 DHC build. 1 BA and 2 Turrets aft.

Mixed results so far as I'm not used to having no Torpedoes on a ship, and I'm using the MVAE for a Grav Well, so lower Tac skills in general.
All true, except the Tetryon Glider is not a proc, its 100% chance to drain x shield to every facing on every contact of an energy bolt. Hence the use of DC and not DHC as they fire 8 rounds as opposed to the 4 of the DHC.

X will drain approx (assuming 9/9 FlwC), and 125 weapon power, of about 66 per hit, might not sound alot, but do the math

66 * 4 shield facings * 8 (bolts in 1 hit of spacebar) * 3 (number of dual cannons)

66*4*8*3 = 6336 total shield in one attack! add onto that the proc chance of about 300 at 2.5%!!!1