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04-11-2012, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by Adondria
Now, I'm not dissappointed by the ship design itself... What I'm dissappointed in is the huge amount of hype we had on this ship, and its period of use is short.

To be honest, I always thought the Stargazer class was going to be an end game ship, but now, after 2 years, I think back figure... "Why is this ship where it is?"

Am I the only one wondering why the Stargazer was hyped, and then lost in the myriad messes?
Actually, the "heavy cruiser" platform works better than the "explorer cruiser" does. You give up one weapon, some hull, crew and a few boff stations and consoles, but its totally usable all the way up to Rear Admiral. I know people who appreciated it more than any of the tier 4 ships designs.