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04-11-2012, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by Teleon View Post
If it were a standalone thing, it wouldn’t be a big deal whatsoever. However, we are talking about it being in addition to everything else that improves your skills etc. Possibly even in addition to the temporary bonus you can already get with the Duty Officer System.

Imagine then, that we got another 12% bonus added onto Starship Energy Weapons Training, instead of warp core potential. Or worse, both! Yeah, you’d think maybe at first that it is only an extra 12%, but then add all the other bonus from every other aspect of the game and you’d very quickly see that even another 12% is too much on already swelled systems.

We do not need even more ways to increase DPS in this game! We honestly do not! Increased energy levels, directly increase DPS!
Would +18 energy weapons skill result in a +12% increase in energy weapons damage? I suppose the skill bonuses could be scaled down to +8 or +4, but I still like my idea too much to abandon it.