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04-11-2012, 08:46 AM
I've run a ton of normals (over 40) and I've only gotten a couple of Common Borg Tech drops across FIVE CHARACTERS. 5 EDCs for one piece of MK X gear is ridiculous. I lose a vast majority of the Rare Borg Salvage rolls, so other people get two pieces of gear from one run when it takes me 5 runs to get one piece.

STFs are a horribly boring and frustrating grind when it takes so long to get so little. Every player should get an EDC AND 1 Rare Borg Salvage for every run, and completing Optionals should give a Borg Tech piece and another Salvage for everyone to roll on. Then it would feel worth my time. Until then, I officially give up on STFs. I wasted enough of my life running dungeons in WoW back in the day, and STO's STFs are far less rewarding.