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04-11-2012, 09:04 AM
Thank you! It's great to hear feedback. Personally, though, the story needs Crusher as a character, and although I am in the grey, I feel that I've followed the EULA guidelines appropriately. My version of Crusher doesn't look like Wil Wheaton at all. I was very careful with that. I'm not going to go diving for characters from past Treks all the time, but small cameos with characters that don't look like the actors that played them seem ok by the legal guidelines established in the Foundry EULA.

If, at a later date, Cryptic pulls the mission, I will, of course, make the necessary adjustments to his character and republish.

On the Odyssey-basis. The series is called ST: Odyssey and they were in the Odyssey design pit at UP. However, I've kept most of the series thus far very generic in regards to ship class. Personally, I play my missions with the USS Brandywine (Prometheus Class), and I don't feel it detracts from much. Sometimes, when and where technology limits what we do, we just need to put our imagination at work and let the little stuff go.

I would've liked to have done more with this mission on the whole, but Foundry limitations being what they are, it is hard to produce workarounds that hold the story and gameplay together without developed tools or variables to "have it our way".

P.S. This is just an episode in a larger TV-like series. I'm not planning on doing large 2, 3, or 4 part episodes. I think, at some point, those huge stories get lost in themselves and limit the experience.