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04-11-2012, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainQuirk View Post
This may seem like a harsh question, but I honestly would like it answered:

Why does it take you guys so long to develop one single mission working a full time schedule and getting paid to do it when a Foundry author can churn out several five-star rated missions in a tenth of the time, working only on their spare time and aren't paid a dime?
That's a good question that should be asked. I think it's because they try to make everything super awesome, with voiceovers, and new technology... Basically, they're held back trying to make everything perfect x 1,000, instead of just buckling down, and getting good solid stuff out there. When anyone tries to make their work perfect, they spend too much time obsessing over details or things that don't need to be corrected.

Not saying they succeed in making things perfect, I just think they try too hard and it takes longer than it should because of that. Does every mission need a cutscene? No. Does every mission need a voiceover? No. Cryptic seems to think so, though, and it delays getting things out. Featured Episodes are supposed to be special, with that sort of stuff... regular missions don't need it, and should be churned out at a much faster pace.