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04-11-2012, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by bustersworduk
Hi Cygone, this is quite similar to my build except that I am using the RSV - the ensign science BOFF on the intrepid definitely seems more useful than the ensign tac BOFF as the TT1 team clashes with ST1.

I was toying with the idea of having PSW1 instead of the second copy of TYB3, and maybe even throwing in the PSW torpedo console for extra disable in PVP.

Do you find the ablative armor helps much in PVP or is just a gimmick?
PSW is really not that great, especially as its buffed by SPG and this build works on FlwC, yes with enough SPG you can get 17000 PSW (see my GW vs CPB vs PSW post on the other forum), but 17k vs 50k hull before resists is not really note worthy. I did toy with the idea of PSW3, decided that CPB3 is more use if target gets an ST just before torps hit.

PSW1 clearly not used for the damage, as it is pathetic, the disable might be good, but unlikly to catch enough to stop incomming heals, and anyway, if they do heal the target, 2nd copy of TB3 will just remove the shield anyway.

Cough Cough, ST2!!!!!!!

If you macro redistribute all shieds to /space then you dont really need TT anyway. Ablative generator in conjunction with either EM or Deterium has saved my life..... every 3 minutes. If something decides to EM with me, they I will just turn and kill as they wont have any shields after about 5 seconds of combat.

If you would like assistance on the macro, just ask.