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04-11-2012, 11:14 AM
the galaxy R just needs its 2 LT and ensign station made universal, it was a huge modular ship, its setup should be adjustable to that degree. being just low level stations, there isn't terribly dangerous powers you would suddenly have access to or anything. this wouldn't create a ship more powerful then the odyssey or anything. if you use any of those stations for another engineering station, you should get a 5th engineering console slot. use 2 of the 3 universal for science, a 3rd sci console. use 2 of the 3 universal for tactical?, a 3rd tac console.

the dreadnought is more purpose built and inflexible, its fine as is, but the R needs something desperately. the intrepid benefits from its 3rd sci station, the defiant is moderately inconvenienced by its 3rd tactical station but has the best movement ability and a cloak, and the galaxy R is overcome with global cooldown troubles and is a less effective healer or damage dealer with it's station and consoles then any other choice available, separating your saucer addresses none of this. regardless of the 3 of them sharing the same kind of uniform setup, they are not equal. the galaxy even has a canon precedent for a more flexible station setup like the one i mentioned.

this needs to happen, there is currently a worthless ship in game, a popular ship with the worst combination of stats. that is not balanced of good game design to have a popular ship just plainly suck.