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I just checked out 5-6 different analytics sites. While they each have unique estimates for STO's site traffic, I'm noticing a trend with all of them.

Site traffic improved by around 200-300% around Free to Play launch and continued to spike into early February.

But it's been declining since then. Sharply.

The site appears to have lost at least 50% of its gains since F2P and some estimates are showing the site it is no more popular than it was in late December, with numbers still falling.

You can't really go with the hard numbers from these sites but they do show trends and the trend lines have points that are similar.

And one thing I am seeing is that the first part of Featured Episodes seem to trigger big spikes (maybe as much as a 50% boost in active users) but that the returns dwindle before an FE series is even over. And it also looks like the spikes from FEs dwindle down to nothing after about 5-6 months without any.

I wonder if this ties into the uncertainty about FEs and new trend towards standalone releases like the Friday the 13th episode.