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04-11-2012, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
Anyone manage to outfit their Escort with all MK XII purple consoles yet?

With the nerf to Field Generators, I'm certainly noticing an increase in squishyness in Elite runs
I found that the influence from equipment is pretty small. Think you would hardly notice the difference between 4 blue MK XI consoles and 4 purple MKXII. A 26% console gives you about 7% more real damage, so a purple MK XII will be maybe 8%. A lot of investment for such a small increase.
I resently leveled a new tac and equiped him with blue MK X disruptors first which cost next to nothing and was ready for elite stfs as soon as I hit 50, managed to kill all 6 bops alone in CSE for example.
So what I'm saying, right Boff/Doff/Items setup and knowing how to handle your ship is much much more important than having MK XII weapons. So read this thread carefully .
As for the Field generator nerf it hurt a little but didn't really notice a difference while playing.