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04-11-2012, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by Shaddam
lmao im so sick of ppl call other games wow clone like it did not take ides from just about every mmo around the time it came out I could say in sto go kill 10 of this in sto could have been cloned from wows go kill 10 of this got new for wow lovers wow is no innovator
I did put that down originally and wonder if it was just people who cannot come up with anything new to say, they just put WoW clone.

Why not EQ? ****/ EQ2 Clone. Want to know why? Because all MMos moving forward take the best bits from other MMos and add to them.

At least TOR has added it's bits. What's STO added?

And before the CDF come on and say Foundry, it was already out before with COH I think, so what new shakes has STO done?

I could say that STO isn't like any Star Trek I know of. The only resemblance is ships. At least with TOR, I feel the KOTOR vibe and SW vibe.

I think I will start Calling STO a Star Fleet Command Clone and not even as good clone of these great games.