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04-11-2012, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by Toastmasterflex
Out of 10 elite stf I have scored over 4.2 million total damage each time about double what the 2nd place guy did in total damage. I assumed either I was doing ok or just everyone else wasn't skilled and I was just the best of the unskilled. Lol.
Something which doesn't seem to have been mentioned, and which is quite important: the combat log is range-limited, as a result you don't see the damage inflicted by players who are too far. To give you an idea, I did a test with a friend: in KA I took care of the probes on one side while he was DPSing on the other: I was missing 30% of his damage done. DPS values, if they are calculared using in-combat time, are not affected much (even if they will not be exact).

BTW the fail-STF elite I have seen where mostly due to execution, the DPS requirements, even for the optionals, are not that steep.