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04-11-2012, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by tribbleorlfl
Will there be any career-specific content? "Boldly they Rode" introduced the career-specific objectives and achievements which intrigued me. While the different careers have different "ways" to play the game, ultimately have the same missions and objectives to complete. Why should a Science officer have to take down x number of squads? Theoretically, a Sci officer shouldn't have the same weapons training as a Tac officer. On the same hand, how should a Tac officer be able to decrypt a computer or stop a warp core breach? I think this would open a lot more co-op play as each specialty can focus on what they do best, but everyone can come together to accomplish "all hands on deck" objectives.
Actually, there are career specific objectives in several of the Cloaked Intentions missions and in Rescue the Azura.