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04-11-2012, 05:03 PM
Originally Posted by drishmael
Not exactly, because if you have 110 doffs and you want to remove 1 from Active, you must swap it with another doff. You can't simply remove it from Active and leave an empty Active slot.

I still agree with you that the current system is better, though.
Yes, but if you have 110 DOFFs then you don't have just 100 DOFFs. If you have _100_ (not Roster displays 100, you actually have 100) then you can in fact swap them freely.

Ie, there's absolutely not advantage to counting slotted DOFFs against your limit. Paying a little attention would have shown you that your roster total decreased every time you assigned a DOFF to space or ground duty, so its not like the current set up requires you to audit your DOFF total on your own. Simply add the number of slotted DOFFs to your 'Roster total'.