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04-11-2012, 08:10 PM
I must add besides buying whatever u like most buy whatever u think you're going to enjoy most playing.

the Multi Vector ship received many praises and people think it together with the Excelsior to be the best overall Federation cruiser in game.

I don't like the look of either very much. I tend to look Excelsior more favorably but I do believe the multi vector ship would give me more damage per second.

But then again I bought the dreadnought for nostalgic reason so I can relate to TNG. Not sure having / buying the Excelsior would be wise as I'd have TWO great cruiser instead of just one. Might go with the multivector but I must say I favor / appreciate the Excelsior more since it is a cruiser. Oh well for now I'm content with just the dreadnought for my Federation toons.

Im told the multi vector doesn't have toggle to rejoin their sections. Other than that people generally love it for their tac and science toons mostly while the Excelsior I heard is great with tac and engineer toons.