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04-11-2012, 09:49 PM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
i would like to point out that this evening (after listening to 3 other podcasts) I did listen to this interview rather than read the excepts.

It does sound better for the kdf than what was written.

I apologize to dan.

I do understand his reasoning.

I do stand by some of the things I said: Please flesh out the kdf story. It doesn't have to be actual missions. It can be a something as simple as a "road to..." for the kdf.
And yes, i came under the impression that, from now on, if you made something for the feds, you will try to do something for the kdf.
This is not a slap at the other podcasts, but they tend to be more Fed based.

The nature of the beast is that KDF questions can get widdled down as they have a lot of other more pressing concerns / subjects to talk about.

We did our best to try to keep it focused to the faction to give Dan the chance to share more fully his stance while finding out as much as we could.

He was willing to do that.

As far as the quote here ... Agree with much of your assessment.