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04-11-2012, 11:38 PM
Originally Posted by discovery7810
yeah I noticed just pulling your leg. With free 400 cpoints a month I'd think you could save some to buy those ships . I'm just grateful they do not charge like those in World of Tanks. Though technically now there's 50 bucks worth of cruiser.....hope it won't make precedent.
I don't use the Stipends... they will just be filling my account, just like I don't use the Dilithium exchange. At least not untill certain approaches change.

The reason I am here is my awesome fleet.

Edit, but to nudge me back on topic: At this point, there is nothing in the C-Store I feel like I am interested in.

My inventory and bank are maxed on my main, and I have the items I want. The Flagships are the only things that could be interesting, but sadly, I fly escort.