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04-12-2012, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by Den3067
The Bortasqu has very weak shields and hull. It goes down too easy. It does not tank well at all.
I switched from the Tac to the Command Carrier wich was slightly better in survivability.

However, where is the Sensor Ananlysis. I don't see it anywhere. It does not seem to be included with the Command Carrier. It is supposed to be a power of the Command Carrier.
I can tell ya the my build is very survivable in elite stf runs (same build for my fed aswell in the oddy) only thing that kills me the most is the one shot crits from the torps; i.e the invisi torps and donatra's torp spread (latter can be countered using brace for imapct and power to sheilds 3 if hit at the right time most of the time.)

when it comes to the sensor analysis thats a passive that is buffed to your weapons over 1min when you intialise combat with your chosen target and resets from the start on next target over that 1min period.