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04-12-2012, 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by Den3067
The Bortasqu has very weak shields and hull. It goes down too easy. It does not tank well at all.
I switched from the Tac to the Command Carrier wich was slightly better in survivability.

However, where is the Sensor Ananlysis. I don't see it anywhere. It does not seem to be included with the Command Carrier. It is supposed to be a power of the Command Carrier.
I believe I can assist here. The following troubleshooting steps may help in this case:
  1. Place a shield in the shield slot of your ship. To do this, press the "U" key and select your ship. One of the slots will be allocated for shields. Place a shield there for best results.
  2. Check your skill tree. To do this, press the "K" key. The key words you are looking for in your skills are anything dealing with "Shields". You may also wish to address any skills that deal with "resists". This will also help greatly.
  3. Check your bridge officer skills. You may wish to include buffs for your shields. I personally recommend "Emergency Power to Shields", among others.
  4. A final tip is to check your strategies while playing. Also check your class. Be aware that this is an Engineer ship. Other classes CAN successfully use it, but it works best for Engineers.

I hope this information helps.