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04-12-2012, 02:25 AM
Originally Posted by Solomace View Post
Lol. Yep, I am a 50 Consular and yes, I agree it is like dressing up as a doll. They haven't quite got the hang of costumes for the consular yet me thinks. I have to have helmets/head gear turned off as it's terrible.

But that said, you have completely shot yourself in the foot by saying when you get to 50 that's it.

I don't have to go into what you can do as you will just say it's another EQ clone, but yes you can do raids and PVP. And when they fix Illum, which I am sure they will, I will enjoy more of the PVP aspect.

At least I can try alts (the other 3 classes as you mention) and get a different story as well as game play and different parts to the planets.

Where's the end level game here? Ahh, I know, it's change the types, get a new paint job and take the care for a drive.

Over to you.
What exactly do you do nowadays with your 50 toon, besides doing the SAME 3 WZ over and over, FP on HM and bugged Ilum? Come on, throw me a bone, chief.