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04-12-2012, 05:07 AM
Exactly why I really hope Guild Wars 2 delivers in what they are attempting with its endgame PvP system. Tired of games that once you hit cap level and run out of content, all they really do is stick you in very limited small map arenas and call it PvP.

With TOR it was just Hutball over and over again. With STO its little bitty pint sized instanced maps with a handful of people meeting in the middle facerolling buttons.

Asheron's Call, EQ and WoW hands down had the best of the PvE aspects, always expanding and always having something to do even after you level capped. UO and Dark Age of Camelot had the best PvP as that was their endgame centric theme. Everything else for the most part has just been a cheap WoW clone or has linear and limited PvP having neither PvE, nor PvP better than some of their much older predecessors.