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Hi Sir,

And where can I change 5 Doff's for one higher quality-one please ?

Thx in advance for your answers !
There are a few new Federation 'Cultural Exchange Agents' standing around (outside) on the grounds at SF Academy. An Andorian and Tellarite CEA are strategically located 'in back' of the building where you can get DOffs and take the History exams - just walk/run around the outside of that building until you find them. There is also a Vulcan CEA somewhere out in the middle of the grounds.

There are quite a few new NPCs at SFA so it is worth your time to walk around the whole SFA grounds looking for them - check your local area mini-map for NPC symbols.

The CE agents can give you a cultural exchange DOff mission - I've done a couple of these and I still don't know exactly what they accomplish.

The CEA can also let you turn in several 'underperforming' DOffs for a single DOff of the next higher quality and random specialization. The process is handled through the DOff mission interface, so you must 'assign' the DOffs you want to ship out, and when the exchange is completed (happens immediately), you must 'acknowledge' the completed mission in the DOff mission folder before your replacement officer shows up for duty. I always seem to miss the popup message listing the name of my new DOff, so I have to go to my DOff roster screen and select the 'recent recruits' option to find out who my new DOff is.

I believe you will always get a new DOff of the exchange agent's race - not 100% sure of that though. You have the option of exchanging any of the three lower quality level DOffs (white, green or blue) for the next higher level. i.e five common (white) DOffs for one uncommon (green) DOff, or turn in green DOffs and get a blue DOff etc. I have only exchanged white for green, so I am not exactly sure how the higher level exchanges work.