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04-12-2012, 05:46 AM
Completely agree with everything the OP says, and the suggestions presented that would improve the 'mission'.

I'm sorry, but I am completely unconvinced that any public group either has or could defeat the Crystalline entity. As said, fleets have completed it, but the coordination required to do so is, and will, never be present amongst a random group of people, especially when that group rotates as members become frustrated/disillusioned.

As the OP said - it's frustrating. Itís anger inducing. And I don't get a great deal of time online; I sure as hell am not going to spend it shooting at something that is, basically, unbeatable. Each time I played the mission I came away wishing I'd done something, anything, else (in-game).

And, same as the OP, I won't play it again either - it has the potential to be a good mission, especially if the suggestions presented in the first post were implemented, but otherwise I'm another member who considers it

Seriously, in game, why would starfleet ignore what led to the fate of the Crystalline entity that the Enterprise-D encountered?