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04-12-2012, 05:05 AM
Originally Posted by Shaddam
that movie is based on something that happen in real life be like don a video of something like his video but about 9/11
or pearl harbor
Okay, Titanic sunk. That much is 'based on real life'.

Sadly, a great deal of the movie is historically inaccurate. Firstly, Jack and Rose didn't exist. These were completely fictional characters based on someone's imagination. No-one actually claimed that Titanic was unsinkable - granted, White Star Line's internal newspaper/magazine made reference to her being virtually unsinkable, but the myth about her being unsinkable was a by-product that came about subsequent to her sinking. History records that Ismay wasn't a coward and was seen to have actually helped a good number of women and children board the lifeboat he himself boarded, and the subsequent board of enquiry said that had he not done so "he would simply have been yet another name on the causuality list". Besides, the quesiton has been asked many times - what WAS he supposed to do? He wasn't an officer/member of the Titanic's crew, nor was he technically an ordinary passenger. Of course, moviemakers don't like facts that hinder drama and prefer to depict him as he is seen, James Cameron even going so far as to say that "it is what moviegoers expect".
I hate the movie anyway - it's not really about the Titanic, it's about Jack, Rose, and the situation that THEY put themselves in. You could place Jack and Rose in a burning building and produce the same storyline.

I could continue, but there are plenty of websites pertaining to the myths surrounding Titanic and the myths surrounding her.