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04-12-2012, 07:08 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo
Only if someone fires energy weapons at him. Yes, of course, it is likely to happen, but with this change, you at least have a chance to still bring their shields down even when RSP is up. Sure, 75% resistance is tough, but it is not invincibility any more.
Are you saying that you think RSP caps out the shield resistance at 75%? Because that's not how it works. During RSP, a percentage of incoming damage is ADDED to the shields, the rest is DISCARDED. (There is still a timy bit of bleedthrough, I'm not quite sure how that part works.) To all energy types, shields are essentially impenetrable for the duration on RSP.

You seem to be thinking that 25% of your damage will still be applied toward lowering the shields during RSP. That simply is not tho way it works.