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04-12-2012, 07:58 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
While I'm guessing the MACO is for survival would the Omega give you more drain from the turrets since your not really using them for damage but drain procs.

Must be a monster on those unshielded things in STF.
Now, you would think that wouldn't you. Truth be told; that was the original idea when I designed this build, Omega Eng / Shield, Borg Def / Console.

However, a little known fact, the Tetryon Glider is affected by Flow Cap (yes, yes, I know you all know that), but did you know TG is also modified by weapons power, (bet most didn't), Even running 230 FlwC (or what ever I have - at work right now, can't check) TG is something like 23 damage. Considering the trade off I would have to make as the M.A.C.O Shield and Deflector are FAR better individually, and the 5% CDR and 15 Power Insulators is really nice as well.

If I raise my weapon power to 125, its 70 a hit I think, this would be worth it, but 23.... not a chance. I also have MK XII M.A.C.O gear (from my Gal-X) and only MK XI Omega.

It will pull 4k DPS or their abouts in an ESTF, really good for cure with double tractor beam.