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04-12-2012, 09:21 AM
If there's going to be a joint-ship activity for the transit to Harmony between me and... some Cardassian, then I propose we can start writing our scene as early as Cardies can type on their peanut and duct tape keyboards. I will transmit scene details via secure channel.
I guess we can start this afternoon, give me some time and ill get the IC and the OOC threads started.

Hint for nador - What do these terms mean to you (2 and 3 will be used to produce 1 for my/our fanfic):

1. "Quantum slipstreaming captive carry transit"
2. "Lyran pseudo-fighter"
3. "Sensor shadow"
1. do you mean like prisoner transport?
2. Lyran, that is a name i have not herd in a long time. Good ol SFC. this will be mostly ground based so i do not know if fighters will be necessary.
3. Is this a way to through off a enemy? Kind of like the holo shadow that the Rode Island has?

Secondly, you have about... 1 day, to get ready a Galor class vessel for said project.


The more content we produce to fluff up your thread, the better, seeing as there is a low possibilty of further external contributions at this point. As they say, quality > quantity.
what do you mean of 'get ready a Galor Class'?

I've got my GM notes arranged, i'm not a big fan of railroading a player just for the sake of story. i have a few outcome arranged but i myself don't know how this will end. You will win and defeat me just because that is the nature of the game but my favorite part of GM'ing is making players think of how to do it.