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04-12-2012, 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by Xautos
from what i see in that picture, the wireframe construction of a sovereign class. left to right: Akira, Nebula, Galaxy, Excelsior couple of others due to poor picture quality (i hate jpgs, but probably galaxy class ships), galaxy class, akira and saber.

its not proof of anything the excelsior in drydock, could just be routine maintence or an upgrade to the ships system which could be too extensive outside of a drydock.
This made me curious, so I tossed on the episode on... It's in fact a Galaxy or a nebula (same saucer).

I actually don't belive Utopia was repairing ships... Only RnD and new construction. Repairs would usually be done at the SF shipyard at earth (as seen in "Family" where the Enterprise is docked at McKinley, or Nemesis with the Enterprise E at a "regular" drydock).

Could be wrong though.