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Originally Posted by Sollaf View Post
That is consistant with what UPS was used for. But we don't know what the war did to them, UPS may very well have been put into use repairing ships. But yes, normally UPS just constructs new ships.
Except, Voyager was launched in 2371, before the dominion wars (2373), and hence at least 1 year before the Klingon war (2372).

So at this point, the Federation was at relative peace, and would not yet have adjusted their UPS.

However, notice that Starfleet was already bolstering their forces... there are at least 2 Sabers and 2 Akiras being build, along with at least 3 Galaxies (as I said...rewatched that scene).

Edit: AND, in the next cut, there is in fact a second Excelsior...

Edit 2: AND a 3'd in a shot from Janeways ready room...