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04-12-2012, 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by haeoful
So I hit 50 not too long ago and promptly bought a dreadnought, but I am having second thoughts and was wondering, have I made the right choice? I do mainly, if not exclusively STF's. I am a Tactical Officer, and im focusing on DPS, what would be a better ship, any ship, c-store or not is fine, I wouldnt mind buying another.

Thanks for any help.
You made the right choice, in my opinion. A Tac officer in a Dreadnought with escort setup i.e. Phaser DHC + Quantum torp fore, Phaser turrets rear, with properly associated consoles and bodda skills, can out-dps everyone in STF's except the occasional exceptionally well set up and skilled escort captain, as long as you're bringing a certain amount of flying skills to the table as well and are using keybinds. I routinely farm back-to-back prototype borg salvage in elites with this setup, and am generally pumping out about 30% - 35% of the overall dps in any give STF elite pug (for the record, I can send parsed combat logs to anyone who requires confirmation of this).

The only issue with the dreadnought is that this setup does not translate well to pvp, where you're better off switching over to all beam array + torps, again with the properly associated consoles + skills.
In addition to the Galaxy-X, I fly an MVAE and more recently a Defiant-R. I find the escorts translate better between pve and pvp with any given setup, and by far my favourite between the two escorts at this point is the Defiant retrofit. It's a tossup between the Defiant-R and the Galaxy-X as far as which is my favourite, they're both a blast to fly with a proper setup and each takes very different tactics in order to be effective. The MVAE is, in a word, meh.