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04-12-2012, 02:22 PM
I'm new to the foundry. The first mission I've posted is a VERY rough Infected Space Trainer. I created it more as a concept demo to see if there was interest in making a more polished trainer.

I'm looking for advice/suggestions to make sure that my trainer isn't removed for content violaitons.

1. Should I make it look extremely generic (instead of looking like Infected), and explain the trainer in-game as being an STF Training Hologram simulating a standard Borg pre-invasion/foothold scenario?

2. How long should I make it? It's not my intention to make a Nagus Daily clone, but I think its possible that this trainer might be more useful to the STO community (well, STF players) than a Nagus Daily.

The mission is "Infected Space Elite Trainer v1" (st-hg2owldy4).