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04-12-2012, 01:31 PM
I am attempting to quote far less as I have noticed that you and I have taken over this thread with incredibly long posts for our own side conversation.

Preamble off!

With regards to judgement and passing judgement that is unfortunately a very subjective topic. What you think is judgement I believe is opinion. You will not convince me. I will not convince you. So I will agree to disagree.

You will note an important difference in the tone of our discussion; that is the discussion between you and I. We are not being polite to one another. At the same time we are not offending each other with insults. We are simply expressing our differing opinion, defending our opinions and in the end disagreeing with each other.

Also, the subject of is far too subjective. Morality often butts heads with not only itself, but with what others of differing opinions claim as moral based upon their own mores and beliefs. My sense of morality was offended by OP, just as your sense of morality was offended by me, and so on. We can spend years debating right and wrong but with different core beliefs we will be at an impasse.

This risks entering into discussions of politics, religion, economics and all of the other subjects that will make this discussion look tame in comparison. Hopefully we can agree to that much.

With regards to my quote and related comment it was not meant to offend you. It was in fact a failed attempt at being lighthearted. Look at that. We can disagree and when a comment is misread as offensive I am happy to clarify and apologise for the miscommunication.

I do not expect for us to agree. Nor does it affect me. Thatís the beauty of this whole terrible internet thing. We can disagree. From our brief bantering I am sure we would disagree about all manner of sensitive subjects all the way to our respective cores. I think thatís great, and I thank you for challenging me. It keeps life interesting.