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Originally Posted by AriusDecimus
It wasn't about legality, it was about the fact that it's not your place, nor mine, to punish him. A murderer certainly shouldn't be killed in retaliation (except perhaps by the authorities, or in self defense). You murdering a murderer in response is equivalent to you being rude to a person for being rude. Neither is the appropriate course of action.

Edit: Also need to clarify, I was saying that you were acting as though you were his judge. I didn't say that your statement necessarily referred to something legal, just that you're acting as though you are his judge -- and you're not.

No, it's not necessarily untrue. Just that it's not your place to decide, in the analogy, or in this situation. At least it's not your place on moral grounds. The course you're taking is not the best one. Being rude only accomplishes a worse situation, is that your goal? If it is not, then can you please elaborate on what it accomplishes? You being rude to the OP does not punish him, as it does not have any real affect on him. All it does is aggravate him and the situation, which just makes everything worse.

Yes, but that doesn't mean you should wrong them back. You and I do not disagree on whether he was right or wrong. I agree fully he was wrong. But in my opinion, they way you reacted was not the best way to respond. You chose to be vitriolic, making the situation worse. Can you tell me that is the right decision? Why not walk away? Why not simply reply in a kind manner?

I assume you're referring to the "judge" statement. Being a judge is passing judgement, I have not done so. I have merely spoken as to what you are doing. I have only said that -- from a moral standpoint -- what you are doing is wrong (morality from a theistic or atheistic standpoint, being either the betterment of human kind as a whole (atheistic) or being spiritually good (theistic). I have not said that you deserve punishment, I have not concluded that you are a bad person, merely that your actions are not helpful -- and can you show how they are? I can show how they were in fact not helpful, and that they made the situation worse.

Then why be vitriolic? What is the benefit of it? Why not be perfectly polite, even when someone is rude to you? Tell me, what do you accomplish by responding in a rude way?


Does it therefore follow that you're doing the *right* thing? I don't care about what you've done in this past -- rather I care about what you will do in the future. I ask you to consider, that perhaps it is more beneficial if you either:

A: Respond in a polite, mature way that will not escalate the situation.


B: Don't respond, period. Avoid making things worse.

I see your point, but that's not justification for your actions.

That's true.

And that's good of you, but why not take it one step further? Instead of doing things, and taking responsibility for them... don't do them. Instead of being rude, and admitting you were rude, don't be rude? This *whole* situation would've been avoided, had you not responded to him, or had he not responded to you. Wouldn't that make things a whole lot better? If one of you had just stopped the discussion, or if one of you had just been nothing but polite and kind would this have ever happened? No, it only takes one person to avoid a vitriolic fight.

This isn't a court, I'm suggesting that you leave it to the authorities (Cryptic or PWE) which would be the equivalent of a court. If you've been wronged, talk to the appropriate people about it to the appropriate people. There's no need, no reason at all, to respond in a rude way. That only makes the situation worse.

But I made sure to take it in context, if it has a second meaning, that does not affect its original meaning. Nor does that invalidate the quote. Responding in a polite way will almost always (if not always) not make the situation worse. Whereas responding in a rude way will almost always (if not always) make the situation worse.

Perhaps, but the vitriol started to fly with Storm's senseless aggravations. There was no need to respond with the "oh you're getting defensive, you must be guilty!" line he kept giving. It understandably aggravated the OP, which in turn made him respond poorly to Storm, which eventually led to you responding poorly to the OP.

I'm not trying to judge you or make you feel bad or whatever, you and I agree on most things even. I just think that the senseless insults need to stop. If you've got a problem, be nice and polite about it. If that doesn't work, click the back button, and get away from the person who's being hostile. Responding with personal insults is not going to make the situation -- indeed the only thing it accomplishes is making things worse, that and making the other person feel bad.
try tell all that to this one
Originally Posted by Shaddam
as long as it cant take out Sov's galaxy's so on whit ease im ok whit that come on really they where not tuff
this is why just say about 2 minutes in you will see
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I hope for goodness sake that you are a Non-English-as-a-main-language poster...

Cause that post is one of the worst I have ever tried to read.

If you're not... god help your english teachers.

Might I suggest you install a spell-check on your computer??

to wit...

"... As long as it can take out Sov's; Galaxy's and so on with ease, I'm OK with that.

Come on really...?... They were not that tough... this is why...

...just shy about two minutes in and you will see why. "

English can be your Friend too.
I have a learning disability as to why I don't spell like the average joe

so again trying telling that one the same