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Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
However, notice that Starfleet was already bolstering their forces... there are at least 2 Sabers and 2 Akiras being build, along with at least 3 Galaxies (as I said...rewatched that scene).
Relative Peace - Wolf 359 might still be in the memory of them at that point. And I believe the Dominion's existence was already know at that point, wasn't it?

The Sacrifice of Angels episode had a surprising number of Galaxies, considering that at the times of TNG, there were supposedly only 6 build. I suppose that Wolf 359 required at least rebuilding the 39 lost ships, but probably also adding more ships.

In-Game, one has to wonder whether they build those ships in hope that more ships could destroy a Cube, or to evacuate colonies before they're overrun by Borg? [/in-universe talk]