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04-12-2012, 06:25 PM
Ahhh. You Federation are always concerned when I crash your party

My writeup yesterday was more for Gul Nador's benefit than anything else. You know how we Cardassians need some friendly threats and challenges in order to build a trusting working relationship.

I also wanted to make his little trip to Harmony Station in his duct-tape and peanut-encrusted Galor a bit more interesting than just clunking along at Warp 3.5. So I thought to do an experiment to attach the Galor to the secondary hull of a Starfleet BCE (ship background backstory fluff to follow) by use of a gravitic anchor... then activate the quantum slipstream drive and see if it still sticks at Warp 35

A Galor class destroyer is not exactly as small as a Lyran PF but given the sheer size of a star cruiser, and the fact that I can tow away 3-5 Borg Spheres simultaneously for about 20km with TBR1 + EM3... does make a Galor look rather tiny compared to Starfleet's current graviton generator tech.

The way I do things, I don't just magically appear at the RP venue without some sort of background... which does not affect your established GMing but rather enhances it.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly alien to Gul Nador in-character. Infact we work very well together on the Allied Reconstruction Project for the past month or so despite unwanted interference from passing Federation fleets, and are active in the same theatre of operations.