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04-12-2012, 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Butters
you keep mention peanuts, what did you do Nador? replace your keys with peanut shells held in place with good ol duct tap?

i would like to get this pony train under way tonight, will be posting the new thread in a bit.

PS ive worked with Nador on these boards in RP's as well. least till he tried to compute the last didget of Pi
My primary computer blew up during an electrical storm. Yes two surge protectors (or so called surge protectors failed and fried as well). I am now relegated to a very old laptop with very small keys and a mouse pad (which slows me down and makes it easy to hit the wrong button or overdo it. IE. ship speed..either I am at full impulse or no impulse and very very tricky to get it in between).