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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Relative Peace - Wolf 359 might still be in the memory of them at that point. And I believe the Dominion's existence was already know at that point, wasn't it?

The Sacrifice of Angels episode had a surprising number of Galaxies, considering that at the times of TNG, there were supposedly only 6 build. I suppose that Wolf 359 required at least rebuilding the 39 lost ships, but probably also adding more ships.

In-Game, one has to wonder whether they build those ships in hope that more ships could destroy a Cube, or to evacuate colonies before they're overrun by Borg? [/in-universe talk]
At the time of Voyagers launch the Borg had become a less urgent issue (the Defiant project was shelfed because of this), and the Dominion was not considered to be a major threat at the time (we know, cause a fleet wasn't stationed at or near DS9 at all times), so while yea: Both were absolutely a concern for starfleet, but not exactly enough to make them fortify their position apart from upgrading a mining station.

Lots of the ships build in that period was designed as a direct result of the Borg.

- Defiant
- Saber
- Akira
- Norway
- Steamrunner
- Sovereign

All ships that were designed and build after the Borg attack, designed to counter them first. Smaller, cheaper and with less crew to allow for a fleet with more ships wich is cheaper to build, without sacrificing the Federations dream of exploring and expanding understanding of knowledge. (Admittedly both the Defiant and Saber are less focused on exploration, and more on tactical assignments).

That however also means that UPS would have their hands full with all those projects and is even less likely to have had the time for repairs.

Well already at "favor the bold" there were "Galaxy wings". I doubt thoose were one or two Galaxy classes only... more like 5 - 10 a wing, so 6 seems very low.