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04-13-2012, 02:08 AM
Originally Posted by stargate525 View Post
Red serves a number of purposes that are quite nice.

It provides illumination without wrecking night vision. If you come from a well-lit area that is red-saturated into darkness, your night-vision will be full-on. Very handy.

Yea, so... No Night Vision here... non related.

It provides a sense of urgency. Red induces physical changes in our body, including an increase in blood pressure, feelings of alertness, and aggression. Perfect for a military bridge of warriors.

So... Theres not urgency 90% of the time... non related.
Also... theese are humans, behind a screen using the UI... not imaginary warriors... Non Related

However, there's a reason that Klingon vessels had the red interspersed with green. It provides a visual breakup for the monotony. It dampens the powerful effect of the color. It also allows color to serve as an indicator, green of that tone being a nice, neutral color to the eyes.

It's sill not related... Theese are players sitting at a computer, in a room/livingroom... Not some imaginary characters on a imaginary bridge.

In addition, the red isn't really red, but AMBER. It's softer, lighter, and much much MUCH easier on the eyes for prolonged periods. This is why the indicators in your car are usually mostly amber, but only the brake failure light is truly RED.

Red on Black, design wise is a BAD idea... Amber even worse... at least as long as theres no balance... This is "amber" all around with a pixel here and there that isnt... The KDF UI is BAD for the eyes...

I second the motion for toning it down, with the suggestion that while they're at it we're allowed some limited amount of color customization. After all, if we're flying the galor, why is our HUD still federation blue?
Please stop thinking about the game as real life... cause it is not.

Theres a reason people like me spend half their education in a design class going over usability and color-usage to make sure the user likes what they see, and ain't scared away by monster colors.