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04-13-2012, 01:22 AM
I think the biggest mistake everyone here made is in thinking that the TDPS shown in combatlogparser is definitive of your DPS in STFs when you are solely logging an STF run. It is only relative DPS, since it is very subjected to the team you have. At best it gives you a comparison in standing among the current team you have.

I say this because STFs have a nearly fixed amount of hit points shared by 5 people, mainly the stationary unshielded high hit points targets and fixed number of cubes. It is very possible to score 13k DPS in a very fast run of CSE with a team of high DPS escorts, and yet a high DPS player may log under 4K DPS when an STF drags out. Saying there's something wrong with a ship's build for having low DPS then, is wrong. That player could have very well score over 1-2 million damage in excess of the next closest player with that 4K DPS but over 15mins instead of an 8min STF run.